Affordable rent in Toronto: not a myth yet, but it’s not looking good

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto right now is $1,532. Betty Hodgkins pays $896. Her building has an outdoor gazebo, regular euchre nights, holiday lunches and dance lessons, plus free ESL classes for residents who want to improve their English. The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $2,037. David Demchuk pays… Read More

Blue bin overflow targeted for city cut

City hall’s budget laser, scanning the organization for waste, is aimed at piles of overflow recyclables some residents leave in clear bags beside their blue bins. The budget committee voted Thursday to save $500,000 a year by halting the practice of picking up the extra newspapers, plastic bottles and other waste that homeowners can’t cram… Read More

Toronto Hydro sale postponed

Members of Mayor Rob Ford’s executive committee have supported selling the city’s 43 per cent interest in the heating and cooling company Enwave Energy, while putting off a decision on selling part of Toronto Hydro. City finance staff had recommended selling 10 per cent of Hydro, which is wholly owned by the city, but the… Read More

Mississauga Summit showcases five big ideas

Mississauga’s got some big ideas. Now it just has to use them. The Mississauga Summit, scheduled for Tuesday night, is the fourth in an ongoing series that began in 2007 and is modelled after Greater Toronto’s CivicAction — a way to engage residents by having them contribute their own plans. The event, held at the University of Toronto… Read More

Roncy mourns homeless blogger

Residents of Toronto’s west-end Roncesvalles neighbourhood mourned the passing of a local “icon” and “institution” Wednesday with the death of Tony Clemens, who gained a following of readers over the last five years through the popular blog, Homeless Man Speaks. “He was able to remain genuinely cheerful … despite the worst of circumstances, and he infused… Read More

TCHC scraps housing project

The city’s housing company has given up plans to build a 322-unit affordable housing building in the Railways Lands condominium development west of the Rogers Centre. The large 1.2-hectare (3-acre) site sits beside Canoe Landing Park, the park with the big red canoe that serves residents of nearby condo towers built by developer Concord Adex…… Read More

Ash borer beetle could take a bite out of your wallet

The Asian insect cutting a swath out of the city’s urban canopy could soon be taking a bite out of homeowners’ wallets. Toronto residents are on the hook for the removal of dead ash trees killed by the Emerald Ash borer on their property. A recent city map shows the beetle has infected trees throughout the… Read More

Residents rally against Mississauga power plant

A crowd of frustrated residents gathered in protest Thursday near the construction site of a controversial gas-fired power plant on the Toronto-Mississauga border. Construction on the 280-megawatt plant began more than a month ago, even though the Ontario government, in the face of mounting opposition from residents, promised a re-evaluation of the approval they had… Read More

Recession-spooked Toronto is a city of savers

Toronto has become a city of savers since the market meltdown of 2008. Even residents of the Bridle Path — stock central — have beefed up bank deposits and bonds at the expense of their stocks, according to data from Environics Analytics. In the four years between 2007 and 2011, savings and bonds in the… Read More

Massive poll shows Toronto is united against Ford’s proposed cuts

One of the biggest polls ever conducted in Toronto shows residents from every corner of the city are overwhelmingly against Mayor Rob Ford’s cuts. From Doug Ford’s ward in Etobicoke to budget chief Mike Del Grande’s in Scarborough, the results will serve as a sobering warning to councillors within the Ford voting bloc… Read More… Read More