Pot-smoking tenant may be hard to evict

Several readers have asked whether you can evict a tenant who is smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes, or if you can refuse to rent to someone who tells you that they have a license to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes. A few B.C. court cases in B.C. shed some light on the issue. The short… Read More

The $40,000 back-to-school condo question

As parents pack up their kids for another year of school, some may wonder with mortgage rates at near historic lows, if it makes more sense to buy than rent. Over the course of four years, they’ll be paying close to $40,000 for accommodation, with nothing to show at the end of it. The minimum… Read More

Why becoming a landlord can pay off

When I started my first permanent job as a journalist in 2004, I made the best financial decision of my life — I invested in two rental properties with my brother. While many of our friends were living in chic condominiums, we were chasing tenants for rent and fixing leaky pipes. We made mistakes that… Read More

Rent or buy? Meet Sakura, downtown Toronto condo renter

Sakura, age 33, faces the eternal question: should I rent or own my home? She currently rents a condominium in downtown Toronto. While she admits that from a “purely financial perspective, owning may make more sense,” she is concerned that condo prices will drop soon. She currently makes $98,000, is single with no children, and… Read More