Shinan: Daniel Boulud headed to Toronto’s Four Seasons Hotel?

Compliments from the chef? And to, too! That appears to be the refrain in the making on Bay Street, just a nose up from Bloor, where the great Daniel Boulud is said to be setting up shop in our rising new Four Seasons. I hate the ruin a surprise — the hotel is all a-go… Read More

Revive Transit City, Miller urges

Mayor Rob Ford is wasting money through his insistence on burying large parts of the new Eglinton light rail transit line, says former mayor David Miller. Miller criticized Ford, the Liberal provincial government for going along, and Liberals on city council for supporting the new mayor. Ford’s decision — with the province’s blessing — to… Read More

Councillor decries move to stop new housing

The chair of Toronto’s affordable housing committee has written the mayor asking him to hold off on a proposal that would halt the construction of new affordable rental housing in the city. Councillor Ana Bailão wrote Rob Ford to voice her committee’s concern over city manager Joe Pennachetti’s report this week on the core services… Read More

What exactly do teens want their study spaces to look like?

What defines a perfect study space, whether at home or in the new college dorm, can be as fickle as the teenage temperament. Some students work well with noise; others command silence. Some want dedicated workstations; some want more lazy lounging with bean-bag-style set-ups. Some need to study with few distractions; others thrive with a… Read More

Toronto’s wealthiest are the most indebted

The average Toronto household is carrying nearly $40,000 in debt on top of their mortgage, according to new statistics from Environics Analytics. And the households carrying the largest debt are in Toronto’s toniest neighbourhoods, including the Bridle Path, Rosedale, Leaside and The Beach, where single-family homes are pushing past the $1-million mark… Read More Source… Read More

$1 Oakville house taken off market

A brand new Oakville house that was listed for $1 has been pulled off the market after six bids came in over the weekend, two of them in the $700,000 range. That was about $200,000 less than the sellers had been hoping for after first listing their three-bedroom stucco home for $1.088 million in August… Read More

TSX proposes shareholders vote for each director

The Toronto Stock Exchange is proposing new voting rules for its listed companies, requiring shareholders be allowed to cast votes for each individual director on the board rather than the whole board as a slate. The proposal would leapfrog the TSX ahead of the Ontario Securities Commission, which has been weighing whether to introduce new… Read More

Lots of real estate, lots of debt

Beth is 31, single again and eager to chart a new financial course. Not long ago, she started a new job in the forest industry with higher pay, so her future’s looking bright. She has a condo in Alberta that she bought at the peak of the province’s real estate boom in 2007 and that… Read More

Doug Ford’s Ferris Wheel idea not so loopy after all

When Doug Ford started talking about a glitzy new project for Toronto’s Port Lands, complete with monorail, mega-mall and giant Ferris Wheel, critics dismissed it as a back-of-the-napkin scheme from a suburban cowboy. It deserves a closer look than that. In the past couple of days, other officials in the administration of Mayor Rob Ford… Read More

New streetcars mean more face time

Leave the nail clippers at home and create a personal space bubble with headphones or your smart phone. That is GO train rider Cindy Smith’s advice to TTC commuters, soon to be confronted with a dramatically different seating plan on the city’s new streetcars — one that will afford them a closer, more direct view… Read More