REITs back in the black, but growth will be tough

While real estate investment trust investors have something to look forward to as the companies they own look to return to positive earnings after a weak quarter, the companies themselves are facing uncertain futures as the economy struggles for growth. Dozens of REITs will report their third quarter results in the coming weeks, and RBC… Read More

Groupon’s fall to earth swifter than its fast rise

Only a few months ago, Groupon was the Internet’s next great thing. Business media christened it the fastest growing company ever. Copycats proliferated. And investors salivated over the prospect of Groupon going public. Today, the startup that pioneered online daily deals for coupons is an example of how fast an Internet darling can fall… Read… Read More

How to be a strategic real estate investor

The following is an edited excerpt from Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cycle: An Investor’s Guide by Don R. Campbell, Kieran Trass and Greg Head Overcoming Common Barriers to Goal Achievement Studies show that less than 10 per cent of people set goals and less than 5 per cent achieve their goals. Strategic real… Read More

Video: Condo investors making us a town of renters

Toronto Councillor Adam Vaughan can tell the minute he looks at a condo building in his downtown ward if it’s full of renters or home to owners. “The bigger the building, the higher the rate of renters,” says Vaughan. The optics can be even more obvious when he steps inside. Even newer buildings can have… Read More

Living in a low interest rate world

For older investors holding mostly fixed income, this protracted era of ultra-low interest rates has been a frustrating low-yielding experience. Based on what economists said this week, they may not be getting relief for a few years yet. When bonds or GICs mature, investors must choose between accepting much less yield than the bond that’s… Read More

Too many condos? Not necessarily, Says RBC

Canadian condominium construction is strong, but not necessarily excessive, since new units are filling a gap by creating much needed rental stock, says a report by the Royal Bank of Canada. “Concerns have been raised about the growing number of investors fuelling the growth in condo sales in recent years,” said Robert Hogue, a senior… Read More

George O’Neill talks social media at The Property Show

Episode 325 of the Toronto Real Estate Musing daily video blog. George O’Neill spoke at last weekend’s The Property Show, Toronto’s knowledge conference on real estate, land and property investments. Held at the Hyatt Regency Toronto, this conference was emceed by Brian Persaud, host of “Inside Toronto Real Estate” on RogersTV and attended by over… More

Investment Properties – Top 3 Initial Criterion for Consideration

George O’Neill discusses three criterion he recommends investors look for first when they are considering a multi-unit property to purchase. There are other considerations as well, not the least of which is financial, which will also be covered in future video blog posts. If you are an investor or have comments or questions please email… More