Bell’s new network too fast for many phones

Bell Mobility Inc. has launched a super-fast wireless network in southern Ontario, but users will have to wait until smartphones are available that can take full advantage of the leading edge infrastructure. At this point, modem sticks are the only means to connect laptop computers with the fourth generation Bell network that is based on… Read More

Hold your shovel: So far, no case for stimulus in Canada

One of the things complicating analyses of Canadian business cycle policy is that too many Canadians pay too close attention to what is going on in the United States, and not enough to what is happening here. The question of whether or not governments should embark on a new round of fiscal stimulus by means… Read More

Rush to build bike trails results in a major disconnect

It’s amazing what Toronto can do when there’s money at stake. By the end of the month, the city will open 34.2 kilometres of new off-road bicycle trails, the result of federal and provincial infrastructure money that had to be spent by the end of the year. The $23 million project was funded in part… Read More

Ford’s pitch to province falters as feds offer subway cash

Mayor Rob Ford was incorrect when he told the premier that the city needed $650 million from the province for the Sheppard subway to access $333 million from Ottawa, a federal spokesperson said Thursday. The Harper government already intends to give the city the $333 million, said Vanessa Schneider, spokesperson for Transport, Infrastructure and Communities… Read More