NDP will choose new leader in Toronto next March

OTTAWA — The federal New Democrats will choose their new leader at a convention in Toronto next March, giving time for the party to let its membership catch up to its caucus in Quebec. “The leadership rules will provide for a vigorous and dynamic debate of ideas,” Rebecca Blaikie, the NDP federal treasurer told reporters… Read More

Rush to build bike trails results in a major disconnect

It’s amazing what Toronto can do when there’s money at stake. By the end of the month, the city will open 34.2 kilometres of new off-road bicycle trails, the result of federal and provincial infrastructure money that had to be spent by the end of the year. The $23 million project was funded in part… Read More

Real estate board ups battle with regulators

The Toronto Real Estate Board has accused Ottawa’s Competition Commissioner of “unnecessary posturing for publicity,” and plans to press ahead with a new policy the federal watchdog has already rejected as anti-competitive. On Thursday, the board is expected to approve a Virtual Office Website policy that it claims will open up its computerized Multiple Listing… Read More

Ford’s pitch to province falters as feds offer subway cash

Mayor Rob Ford was incorrect when he told the premier that the city needed $650 million from the province for the Sheppard subway to access $333 million from Ottawa, a federal spokesperson said Thursday. The Harper government already intends to give the city the $333 million, said Vanessa Schneider, spokesperson for Transport, Infrastructure and Communities… Read More

Politicians at odds on reviving airport plan

While local politicians take sides in the Pickering airport debate, the area’s federal representative maintains there’s nothing to argue about — yet. Chris Alexander, Conservative MP for Ajax-Pickering, said a Transport Canada report calling the Pickering Lands a “prime location” for an airport doesn’t equal a decision to build one. “Today there is no …… Read More

Will a Tory-backed Toronto result in a new Sheppard subway?

Columnist James Royson speculates on the possible impacts of the 2011 federal election will have for Toronto. While Toronto has traditionally voted Liberal, last night’s vote has painted the town Conservative blue and NDP orange. In Beaches-East York, longtime Liberal incumbent Maria Minna lost her seat to NDP newcomer Matthew Kellway. Even Liberal leader Michael… Read More

Mayor Ford makes last-minute endorsement of Harper, Conservatives

With only one day before the 2011 Canadian federal election, Toronto mayor Rob Ford waded into federal politics by making a fairly unsurprising endorsement of Prime Minister Harper and the federal Conservative Party. Three weeks ago, Ford indicated he would not endorse “any leader or any party”. Regardless, we at O’Neill Real Estate encourage everyone… Read More

The 2011 federal election candidates of Beaches-East York

Global Television highlighted the federal riding of Beaches-East York earlier this week as part of its coverage of the upcoming Canadian federal election, interviewing new NDP candidate Matthew Kellway and the incumbent Liberal Party member Maria Minna. The election is on May 2nd, 2011. The candidates for our riding, in alphabetical order: Bill Burrows, Conservative… Read More