Revive Transit City, Miller urges

Mayor Rob Ford is wasting money through his insistence on burying large parts of the new Eglinton light rail transit line, says former mayor David Miller. Miller criticized Ford, the Liberal provincial government for going along, and Liberals on city council for supporting the new mayor. Ford’s decision — with the province’s blessing — to… Read More

Subway line, streets closing this weekend

TTC riders will face some interruptions this weekend with a partial closure on the Yonge-University line. Trains won’t be running between Bloor-Yonge and Eglinton stations Saturday and Sunday because crews are installing new track lines at St. Clair Station. During the closure, shuttle buses will be running between the stations… Read More Source Photo and… Read More

Sheppard subway, Eglinton LRT wins provincial approval

Transit City is dead. However, a new TTC public transit plan has been approved by the Province of Ontario and the City of Toronto. A light rapid transit (LRT) line on Eglinton will be constructed from Black Creek Drive to Kennedy station. Unlike Transit City’s Eglinton proposal, this LRT will be fully underground. The TTC… Read More