Affordable rent in Toronto: not a myth yet, but it’s not looking good

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto right now is $1,532. Betty Hodgkins pays $896. Her building has an outdoor gazebo, regular euchre nights, holiday lunches and dance lessons, plus free ESL classes for residents who want to improve their English. The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $2,037. David Demchuk pays… Read More

Eaton Centre’s new $48M food court: fast food goes upscale

Just over a year ago, if you stepped off the Eaton Centre’s north-end escalator into the basement, you’d see a bagel shop, a hair salon, a Hello Kitty explosion of a stationery-and-pet store, and a large and bustling – if dim and grey – food court filled with the usual suspects: burgers, fries, pizza and… Read More

Canadian makes history with IPO

Stephen Chu is the CEO of a real estate company that has interests in just one square block. But what a block. Imagine plopping the Eaton Centre in New York’s Fifth Avenue shopping district. Then add the TD Centre, Scotia Plaza and First Canadian Place on top… Read More Source Photo and Text: The Toronto… Read More