‘New mayor, new deal’: Ford seeks public cash for subway

If Mayor Rob Ford had convinced anyone the Sheppard subway expansion would be paid for with corporate cash, he shattered the illusion on Wednesday. In a morning meeting at Queen’s Park, Ford asked Premier Dalton McGuinty to give the city $650 million for Sheppard by 2014. His justification: $333 million in federal money depends on… Read More

McGuinty revises his pledge for Go Train refunds

GO Train riders will get refunds next year if vehicles are more than 15 minutes late, as long as delays aren’t caused by extreme weather, accidents, medical emergencies and police investigations. Premier Dalton McGuinty made the pledge Wednesday, saying the promise is “one step better” than the 20 minutes under consideration when he first proposed… Read More

Will a Tory-backed Toronto result in a new Sheppard subway?

Columnist James Royson speculates on the possible impacts of the 2011 federal election will have for Toronto. While Toronto has traditionally voted Liberal, last night’s vote has painted the town Conservative blue and NDP orange. In Beaches-East York, longtime Liberal incumbent Maria Minna lost her seat to NDP newcomer Matthew Kellway. Even Liberal leader Michael… Read More

Sheppard subway, Eglinton LRT wins provincial approval

Transit City is dead. However, a new TTC public transit plan has been approved by the Province of Ontario and the City of Toronto. A light rapid transit (LRT) line on Eglinton will be constructed from Black Creek Drive to Kennedy station. Unlike Transit City’s Eglinton proposal, this LRT will be fully underground. The TTC… Read More