Too many condos? Not necessarily, Says RBC

Canadian condominium construction is strong, but not necessarily excessive, since new units are filling a gap by creating much needed rental stock, says a report by the Royal Bank of Canada. “Concerns have been raised about the growing number of investors fuelling the growth in condo sales in recent years,” said Robert Hogue, a senior… Read More

One Bloor finally breaks ground

David Gerofsky points his finger and is transported into the futuristic outdoor patio of One Bloor, the condominium project he is building. Another wave of his hand, and he is in a near life-sized kitchen. “My kids love coming here,” grins the developer. “It’s like a huge video game.” A massive interactive screen dominates one… Read More

REITs outperform condo investments? Not necessarily

Buying a REIT is always more profitable than a condo – at least this is according to a study published by Macquarie Capital Markets Canada Ltd. and discussed in the Globe and Mail last week. For many real estate investors, it’s a surprising conclusion, so let’s dig deeper. First, here are Macquarie’s assertions, where they… Read More

Inventory suites: they’re condos on clearance

You can often get a bargain on last season’s fashions, and the same applies to condominiums. Developers call them “inventory suites;” basically they are the units in a new condo development that are still for sale by the time the property is built and ready to move into. At this point, the developer is often… Read More

Kippendavie condo decision deferred, mediator called in

Last Tuesday, East York and Beaches councillors decided to further defer the decision regarding the controversial condominium development on Kippendavie Avenue in The Beach to a city council meeting on April 12th. In the six hour debate consisting of the Toronto and East York Community Council, concerned Kippendavie residents and the developer, the council also… Read More

Rent or buy? Meet Sakura, downtown Toronto condo renter

Sakura, age 33, faces the eternal question: should I rent or own my home? She currently rents a condominium in downtown Toronto. While she admits that from a “purely financial perspective, owning may make more sense,” she is concerned that condo prices will drop soon. She currently makes $98,000, is single with no children, and… Read More

Meet Joanne To, mobile mortgage specialist

Episode 343 of the Toronto Real Estate Musing daily video blog. George O’Neill chats with Joanne To, a mobile mortgage specialist for TD Canada Trust that specializes in new developments. httpvh:// When you are thinking about buying a new condominium or townhouse complex, mobile mortgage specialists such as Joanne will be on-site to help you… More

How responsive is your real estate agent?

Episode 341 of the Toronto Real Estate Musing daily video blog. Woody Allen once said, “80% of success is showing up.”  The same applies to selling real estate.  After all, even the best marketing campaign in the world will not sell your house if your real estate agent fails to keep appointments with prospective buyers…. More

What is a condominium status certificate?

Episode 340 of the Toronto Real Estate Musing daily video blog. If you are seriously looking at buying a condominium unit, you’ll want to obtain and review a document known as a Status Certificate with a fine-toothed comb. These documents has financial information on the condominium building that can make or break the deal. George… More

Meet Shane Fenton, Bellefair Kew Beach Residences

Episode 334 of the Toronto Real Estate Musing daily video blog. George O’Neill chats with Shane Fenton, Vice President at Reserve Properties, about their latest condo project: the Bellefair Kew Beach Residences. httpvh:// This complex of 23 condo apartments and 6 townhouses will be built on the current site of the Bellefair United Church at… More