Pot-smoking tenant may be hard to evict

Several readers have asked whether you can evict a tenant who is smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes, or if you can refuse to rent to someone who tells you that they have a license to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes. A few B.C. court cases in B.C. shed some light on the issue. The short… Read More

A fixer-upper can save on the overall cost of the house

Don’t pass by that shabby house just yet. With the average price of Ontario homes on the rise to almost $360,000, the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) recommends looking beyond move-in-ready properties. “Everyone wants a house or condo that will be perfect the minute they move in,” says Barbara Sukkau, president of OREA. “But with… Read More

Can you sell your home by email?

Over the course of three days last October, Marc Girouard and Kelty Druet corresponded by email about the sale of Druet’s condo in downtown Moncton, N.B. After a series of emails and an offer and counter offer, Druet agreed to sell unit 203 at 850 Main St. for $155,000, or so Girouard thought. But Druet… Read More

Condo boom eating up office space

When Iain Dobson sees another condo or condo-hotel springing up on prime downtown land just steps from the subway, he becomes more convinced than ever that Toronto is risking its own future by trading off jobs for people. Toronto is reaching a tipping point — a shortage of development-ready land for new office towers at… Read More

Condo fraud claims mount

The list of condos involved in an alleged $20 million-plus property fraud is growing as shocked owners are being informed, while others are still unaware. It was a tense morning at 39 Kimbercroft Ct. in Scarborough on Thursday when the condo board’s president learned that Woodbridge entrepreneur Manzoor Khan, president of Channel Property Management, had allegedly… Read More

Lots of real estate, lots of debt

Beth is 31, single again and eager to chart a new financial course. Not long ago, she started a new job in the forest industry with higher pay, so her future’s looking bright. She has a condo in Alberta that she bought at the peak of the province’s real estate boom in 2007 and that… Read More

Market News: Second-best June for GTA condos, 905 keeps pace

‘I don’t know why I keep getting surprised.” So says Stephen Dupuis — president and CEO of the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD). That after another record month for new high-rise sales in June. With 3,027 new condo sales throughout the Greater Toronto Area, it was the second best June on record, and… Read More

Too many condos? Not necessarily, Says RBC

Canadian condominium construction is strong, but not necessarily excessive, since new units are filling a gap by creating much needed rental stock, says a report by the Royal Bank of Canada. “Concerns have been raised about the growing number of investors fuelling the growth in condo sales in recent years,” said Robert Hogue, a senior… Read More

Beavers scout for a home in Queen’s Quay condo corridor

“Canada,” Margaret Atwood once said, “was built on dead beavers.” But right now, beavers are alive, well and busy building on some of the richest real estate in town — Toronto’s condo corridor down on Queen’s Quay…. Read More Source Photo and Text : The Toronto Star

REITs outperform condo investments? Not necessarily

Buying a REIT is always more profitable than a condo – at least this is according to a study published by Macquarie Capital Markets Canada Ltd. and discussed in the Globe and Mail last week. For many real estate investors, it’s a surprising conclusion, so let’s dig deeper. First, here are Macquarie’s assertions, where they… Read More