Toronto’s Chango gets $1M from Ottawa

Three dozen future employees of Chango Inc. have Canada’s federal government to thank for their new jobs. Granting the Internet marketing firm a repayable contribution of up to $978,333 during an event at Chango’s downtown Toronto headquarters on Friday morning, Ottawa expects 37 new positions to be created as a result. The money will be used… Read More

Would you turn your house into a billboard to live mortgage-free?

It sure brings a new definition to the adage, “What will the neighbours think?” US-based mobile ad company Adzookie has offered homeowners an interesting proposal: let us use the outside of your house as a giant advertising billboard for Adzookie, and we’ll pay your mortgage. For every month the ad stays up, the company will… Read More

TTC considering station sponsorships?

You’re the TTC. Your advertising agency’s contract expires this year. What new marketing ideas should you embrace? One possibility is apparently to rename subway stations after company sponsors. It works for sports stadiums, after all: But renaming stations, say from “Queen” to “Coke,” probably isn’t in the cards, said TTC spokesman Brad Ross. “What this… Read More