Asset & Property Management

As a real estate investor it is important to hire an Asset & Property Manager who understands your objectives as well as the business of effective property management. At O’Neill Advisors, Real Estate Division, we reduce your worries, minimize your expenses and improve your revenue. You can be totally hands-off and never have to deal with a tenant again.

A good manager protects and enhances the value of your asset.

Rental Apartment Building in Montreal, Quebec

An O’Neill Advisors, Real Estate Division, managed mixed-use office, retail and apartment building.

Engaging an Asset & Property Manager is an important step. You are entrusting a significant portion of your personal net worth to someone who can make or break your planned ROI. For over 20 years, our professionals have been committed to delivering the best property management services to a select group of real estate investors.

Our approach:

  1. Listen to your needs in order to understand what we can do to help.
  2. Perform our duties in a professional manner to protect and enhance the value of your real estate assets.
  3. Apply our professional management skills to reduce your ownership worries.

We are real estate investors ourselves. We treat each property we manage as if it is our own.

We currently manage a portfolio of rental properties in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and New York. Vacancy rates at our properties are low and we have a proven track record of prompt service, effective tenant relations, the proper application of provincial residential tenancies laws and financial accountability and prudence.

We have management experience in:

  • Condominiums
  • Townhomes
  • Single family detached and semi-detached houses
  • Low-rise multi-residential apartments
  • Low-rise mixed-use commercial buildings
  • Seasonal and vacation properties

We manage each property based on specific requirements the owner may have and unique characteristics of that property. We will design a tailored service suite as needed to meet your needs.

How do we select tenants for our rental properties?

Selecting the best tenants is of paramount importance in this business. You may have heard horror stories about frustrated property owners who had bad experiences with tenants. We find most times those issues could have been avoided through an improved tenant selection process or better management of the specific circumstances around the issue at hand. While it is impossible to guarantee there will never be a tenant dispute, we do everything within our power to obtain quality tenants for your property.

We are so successful in our approach we are sought out to train others.

Our difference is more than just the thorough processes and technology we employ, it is all about the people who work with us in our business. We are professionals with decades of technical and human relations experience. We treat tenants fairly yet firmly when needed, resolve issues quickly, and communicate frequently with you, the property owner.

We have a vision. We do not want to be the largest Asset & Property Management firm in Toronto; we want our selected clientele to view us as the best! We are much more than just a service provider. Our firm’s core values ensure we execute as your business partner so you can enjoy the financial benefits of real estate ownership without the headaches.