M&A Strategy

We help companies and individuals who are looking to purchase businesses and need to confidentially identify and assess potential targets, determine what price range is reasonable, conduct due diligence to determine whether or not the business is actually as good as the seller says it is, negotiate the purchase agreement and manage the closing and business transition activities.

We have assisted several companies develop comprehensive M&A strategies for acquiring businesses, and in divesting existing businesses. Depending on your need we can be involved in the entire process to provide guidance in how to establish and conduct mergers and acquisitions, or more tactically on specific purchase or sale engagements.

We also specialize in assisting business owner’s assess their options when thinking about a business transition. Sometimes selling is not the best option. We lead owner’s through the discovering process to help them fully articulate their key reasons for contemplating a transition, and we transpose those reasons against a complete suite of potential options. We then select the best option and assist in the execution to achieve the desired goals.

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