Selected Transactions

Since 1996 the principles of our firm have advised on over 250 business transactions involving publicly-traded and privately-owned companies with sale prices ranging from $150,000 to $265,000,000. Following are selected examples.

   Spar Aerospace (various divisions) – Divestitures to Multiple Manufacturing and Technology Companies

   Hydro One – Acquisition of Brampton Hydro

   Hydro One Networks – Acquisition of Several Electric Utilitiy Distribution and Field Service Companies

   O’Neill Real Estate Limited – Divestiture to Undisclosed Private Real Estate Broker

   Bell Canada – Acquisition of Group Telecom

   Formosa Restaurant – Divestiture to Undisclosed Private Food Services Company

   Mars – Valuation and Acquisition Due Diligence of Undisclosed Private Confectionary Company

Today we predominately work with privately owned companies in industries where we possess deep experience, including real estate brokeragesfinancial services firms, professional services firms, technology and new media companies.