Pot-smoking tenant may be hard to evict

Several readers have asked whether you can evict a tenant who is smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes, or if you can refuse to rent to someone who tells you that they have a license to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes. A few B.C. court cases in B.C. shed some light on the issue. The short… Read More

Is this solar-power program a money-saver?

When Mississauga resident Paul Ford opened the door to a salesman in the spring of 2010, he had never considered putting solar panels on his roof. He was surprised when the pitchman told him that not only would the panels not cost him a dime, but the roof would make him money. “I said, ‘You’re… Read More

Hume: New Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens offers food for thought

Maple Leaf Gardens never looked so good, nor smelled so sweet. With the NHL out and Loblaws in, the old Carlton Street Cavern has been reborn as downtown’s newest supermarket. Right on cue, the line-up assembled Tuesday night in anticipation of Wednesday morning’s grand opening. By the time the waiting ended, Loblaws was already an… Read More

Condo Culture: Noise complaints

Q: The condo owners above me are constantly making loud noises. They drag things across the floor, play very loud music and there’s often thumping noises. I have called the office and complained to the manager but nothing has changed. I have even called security. What can I do to gain back some peace and… Read More

Canadians paying off mortgages early: CMHC

OTTAWA — Canadian homeowners are doing a good job of paying off their mortgages early, according to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., which released its third-quarter results Tuesday. While mortgage repayments can be spread out over 30 years, the CMHC reports that the average amortization period for mortgages insured by the national housing agency… Read More

Toronto’s Fixmo lands $23.4-million in funding from top VCs

In military parlance, Fixmo Inc.’s Rick Segal has just brokered some powerful alliances as he seeks to beef up his startup’s technology arsenal and begin marching his troops into new international markets. On Monday, the two-year-old Toronto-based startup — which specializes in mobile security technology that is used by government agencies around the world — announced… Read More

Rick Mercer bought: He couldn’t afford rent

Comedian and commentator Rick Mercer’s distinct take on Canadian politics and social issues can be caught on the Rick Mercer Report every Tuesday at 8 p.m. on CBC. In our series on the financial habits of notable Canadians Mercer told the Toronto Star’s Emily Mathieu about his $19,500 row house, why trying to make a living in… Read More

Affordable rent in Toronto: not a myth yet, but it’s not looking good

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto right now is $1,532. Betty Hodgkins pays $896. Her building has an outdoor gazebo, regular euchre nights, holiday lunches and dance lessons, plus free ESL classes for residents who want to improve their English. The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $2,037. David Demchuk pays… Read More

Waterfront Toronto open to fast-tracking Port Lands development

It may not lead to Ferris wheels or mega-malls, but the man overseeing development on the Port Lands says he is open to new ideas for fast-tracking development on the derelict stretch of eastern waterfront. John Campbell, head of Waterfront Toronto, said the agency and the city are working together to generate fresh ideas for… Read More

Teachers takes ‘for sale’ sign off Leafs

The majority owner of the Maple Leafs says it rejected “a number of offers” for the iconic hockey franchise before ending an eight-month search for a buyer on Friday. An asking price thought to be more than $1.5 billion and the presence of minority shareholder Larry Tanenbaum turned into major stumbling blocks for Teachers’ as… Read More