TTC considering station sponsorships?

TTC Sponsor Map by Patty Winsa for Toronto Star

TTC Sponsor Map by Patty Winsa for Toronto Star

You’re the TTC. Your advertising agency’s contract expires this year. What new marketing ideas should you embrace? One possibility is apparently to rename subway stations after company sponsors. It works for sports stadiums, after all:

But renaming stations, say from “Queen” to “Coke,” probably isn’t in the cards, said TTC spokesman Brad Ross.

“What this is not intended to do is to rename stations entirely. The system map cannot be changing every three or four years. You will always have Pape station, you would always have Queen station, but they may be sponsored. Perhaps the announcement would say: ‘Queen station sponsored by Shoe Company X,’” Ross said.

I think hearing over the PA about a “medical emergency at our Taco Joe Station” has a good ring to it!

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