– a free Toronto real estate tool by O’Neill Real Estate

Pop quiz: what is the #1 question you ask when looking at a house? Chances are, whether you are an investor, homeowner or home buyer, you are going to ask “How’s the real estate market in my neighbourhood?”

To help answer this question, we at O’Neill Real Estate built a neat real estate tool called It’s an interactive web app that shows how the real estate market has performed in your Toronto neighbourhood.


When you read most Toronto real estate statistics, the analysis is usually based on all types of properties in all areas of the Greater Toronto Area, and then some. The fact is, real estate markets are local. Sales of downtown Toronto condos are going to be different from townhouses in Burlington!

What does is pull data only for your specific part of Toronto. generates a data snapshot instantly, displays these results in an easy to understand format, and it’s completely free to use too.

In the snapshot is the % change in property values in your area from when you purchased your home and the previous month. This data is updated monthly. You can compare this with how the Toronto market overall did as well.

Also in the snapshot is a graph showing, in dark green, how median prices for your property type in your area has performed over time. GTA prices for all house types are shown in purple for comparison. This graph is interactive so you can hover over it to get specific numbers, or zoom in and out to see more data.

We also provide information such as the Sales-to-Asking Ratio. The rule of thumb is, if the ratio is below 40%, it’s a seller’s market. Between 40 and 60, it’s a balanced market. Above 60, and it’s a buyer’s market.

We also show the average Days on Market. The less days it takes for homes to sell, the better.

Once you have this data, you can email it to yourself or a friend, or print it out. You can even share a short message on Facebook or Twitter showing your % market performance. Your personal information is not shared.

If you want to run another search, just click Back in your web browser and try again. supports PCs, Macs and mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad too.

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