Leslieville Lofts Project Cancelled

The National Post recently reported that the Leslieville Lofts project has been cancelled due to the developers not obtaining city zoning approval to build the 9 story building.  The Ontario Municipal Board sided with the City of Toronto, who was opposing the development since the building exceeded the allowed 4 story height for the area.  Lamb Development Corp and Hyde Park Homes, the developers, have now shifted to “Plan B” and will seek to build instead stacked townhouses.  The address is 134-162 Broadview Avenue, just north of Queen St East.  The developers said they sold 50% of the Leslieville Lofts prior to the project being cancelled.  Those that already put deposits down can obtain a refund, or apply that deposit to other projects by the same developers, the National Post reported.

There was some controversy around the name Leslieville Lofts, since the development is actually located in South Riverdale.  Apparently the replacement towns will not use Leslieville in their name.


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